"It goes without saying, Freyvogel Photogrphy  is very professional and like I have done in the past, I would trust providing them with any referral."
- D. Colamarino  BNI

"I am reaching out to you to see if you would be able to do our picture day for us again this year..... Please let me know if this date is available...I truely hope so.  Our three kids have played many sports and we are often disappointed with the pictures received from other companies."       
- T.George Plum Midgets

"...I mentioed to you that one of the other board mebers handled getting the team photos arranged and used _______.  There were a lot of problems with the orders and customer service.  I used that oportunity to bring up the woderful job that you have always done for us.  Be sure to contact the boosters next year."      
- K.Cressler

"Peggy, I have to say that the photos of Red Rose City this spring in Ocean City  were the BEST ever.  You captured several awesome shots.  THANKS!!!!!  You even got the expression o the mime's face showing shock and awe.  It was terrific.  I've been showing everyone.  Thank You.                                                    
- MJWhitehaus  Director Red Rose City Chorus,
ABMR19, Sweet Adelines Intl."

"Peggy....You and Pete do such great work".  
- T Waligura